Team Bollywood

Team Bollywood is a blog made for all the people who love to watch movies, want to be updated about all the latest and trending news of entertainment world and want to know all the gossips in the glamour world.

Is this blog only for Bollywood?

Absolutely not.

The name could be Team Bollywood, but it doesn’t mean that this blog only covers the Bollywood news.

Here you will also get news on the all other film industries of India and also of Hollywood.

Besides the film world, it also gives you all the updates from the Youtube industry too.

How many members are there on this team?

This blog is maintained by only a single person, but there are lots of members who are a part of these team and those members are our readers. They support this blog and help this blog to be more successful.

You can also be a part of this team by following us regularly and help us to give more contents by sharing some news that you know to us. Also please give us your feedback to let us know about your needs.

Who runs this blog?

Niladri Nag

Niladri nag

I am Niladri Nag. I'm a part-time blogger from West Bengal. I love to watch movies and keeps all the updates on the film industries. So, I made this blog to share those things with you all. Follow my blog and be a part of the Team Bollywood.....