Bangladeshi PewDiePie fans came on street to help him

The Bangladeshi PewDiePie fans are trying to help PewDiePie to win the war against T-Series.

For a few months, a grand war is going on Youtube between two big Youtube channel, PewDiePie and T-Series. They are fighting with each other for the place of the channel with the most subscriber in the Youtube.

At the present time, the PewDiePie is in the first position, but the T-Series channel is just below him with a difference of few lakhs and with the high rate of increase of the subscriber, it will take over soon. So, to increase more followers of PewDiePie and helping him to be in the top position, some Bangladeshi PewDiePie fans came on street to promote his channel.

These fans are a group of school students from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

These kids came out on streets with some bunch of flyers and stapled on trees beside Mirpur Road, Dhaka. These flyers have a photo of PewDiePie on it and a message to subscribe to his channel. The message which was written there is “For the sake of memes, Smash Subscribe To PewDiePie. Join the 9yr old army”.

They mentioned meme because PewDiePie is very famous for making memes and except the Youtube he is also famous on Reddit. He is also famous for another thing which is gaming. He is a professional gamer and the gamers from all over the world love him so much.

These kids posted there activities during this campaign on their facebook profile. You can watch that post on facebook. They also wrote in there caption “YOU INDIA, YOU LOSE”. Because the T-Series is an Indian channel and PewDiePie frequently makes videos on India, where he trolls the Indian films, serials etc.

These kids also wrote that when they were doing these things, some person came to them and asked that how they are related to PewDiePie. So, they replied to him that they are his fans.

Before this, another famous Youtuber, MrBeast did a promotional campaign for PewDiePie. He spent so much money on radio ads, billboards, banners etc. That campaign helped a lot and PewDiePie got so many subscribers at that time.

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Informations about PewDiepie vs T-Series

pewdiepie vs t series


Orignal Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Country: Sweden

Channel Started: 29 April, 2010

Channel content: Vlog, Comedy, Roasting, Gaming

Current Subscribers: 69,088,923


A music production company

Country: India

Channel Started: 13 March, 2006

Channel content: Indian songs and musics

Current Subscribers: 68,384,161

PewDiePie is in this position from 2013 and he is a world famous person, where T-Series is an Indian music company and its contents are completely Indian. So, it’s very tough job to beat him. But though T-Series is geting subscribers in higher rate.

What do you think. How much time will it take T-Series to be in the no. 1 position or the PewDiePie will keep that position for another year?

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