11 Best Indian Web Series on Youtube that will Steal your Heart

Are you getting bored by watching those Saans-Bahu dramas on TV serials and want something to watch, which will serve you few minutes of entertainment daily and give you mental relief in your busy lifestyle.

So, here is the list of best Indian Web Series on Youtube which will definitely touch your heart and will not charge you a single penny to watch them.

These web series are collected from various Youtube channels and from various times. So you can get the list of all best Indian web series available on Youtube till now. Each of these is so good that we couldn’t arrange them according to the ratings. So, we arranged them category wise to make it easy for you to choose them from your favourite genre.

Some of the series may contain few elements from other categories, but we tried to categorize them as per best match.

Top Indian Web Series on youtube list

Best Drama Web Series

1. TVF Pitchers

tvf pichers

This is a series which is close to many peoples heart. Many people consider it as the best Hindi web series

Pitchers is a story of few friends who got a dream of doing something different than others. Going out of those 9 to 5 job life and being an entrepreneur.

With this story TVF tried to show the reality of the life of an entrepreneur and how they face difficulties for running their startups.

Link:  TVF Play

2. Official Chukyagiri

official chukiyagiri

This series is about an intern named Spandan Chukya who came to do his internship in the corporate sector from a middle class family. There he meets with a totally different environment and tries to mix himself with that corporate culture.

It has two seasons but the second season has a different name. The second season named “Official CEOgiri”. Make sure you watch both.

Link:  Season 1 | Season 2

Best Romantic Web Series

3. Love Shots

love shots

This is not a whole story separated into different episodes like the other web series. This is a series of different short films.

The series has six romantic short films where each of them are equally beautiful. They all have different plots and concepts. If you ever loved someone, then these stories will let you re-live those moments of love.

Link:  Youtube


flames web series

Flames is the story on the school time romance. How a boy falls in love of a girl in a coaching center and how that love story continues with many sweet and sour moments.

The Digital Hash gives The Streaming Award every month to the best Short Films or Web Series on the internet in India their Flames got the award of the best indian web series 2018 January Edition.

This series will be perfect for those who got a crush on someone in their school life. This series is also one of the most loved Hindi web series. The reason behind it is its beauty of presenting the love story that the viewers can also feel those emotions.

Link:  TVF Play

5. College Romance

college romance web series

After completing the school romance let we come to the college romance. This is another web series which shows the romance in the college life.

Other than the romance it has more elements like the comedy and friendship. This web series is full of entertainment. So don’t forget to add it to your playlist.

Link:  Youtube

6. Permanent Roommates

permanent roommates

Permanent Roommates is a story of a couple who planned to be in a live in relationship before their marriage. This series is mixture of romance and comedy both. There are so many funny moments in there live in life.

The series has two seasons and both of them are so good. It will be best choice if you want to watch some sweet and funny romance.

Link:  TVF Play

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Best Comedy Web Series

7. Baked

baked web series

Like the Pitchers, this story is also on a startup but it’s a bit different. The story is on three college friends who started their business of late night food delivery.

Here the story is not on their struggles on their business but some funny incidents and accidents which happened on their lives.

Link:  Season 1 | Season 2

8. Man’s World

man's world web series

Do you think you are a true feminist? or you hate feminism?

But do you think that you know the real meaning of feminism?

This series will make you think twice.

Man’s World is totally made on the topic of feminism, presented in a funny way. The story is about a man, who thinks that this world is not fare and the world always gives the advantages to the women in the name of feminism.

So he wished to god to change everything in this world and switch between the men and women. Watch this series to see how that one wish changes his complete life. It also have a beautiful message at the end of it. I’ll request all to watch it and also share with everyone.

Link:  Youtube

9. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

From the title, you may think that it is a adult program but it’s not. In fact it is specially made for the children.

Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa is another series by the Y-Films which is made for the social awareness.

When in India schools are rejecting to teach the sex education subject, there the Y-Films made this initiative to give children the basic the sexual awareness knowledge. These basic things should be known to a high school kid.

Here they presented those things in a very simple way that a kid will understand them very easily. Not only children but it must be watched by adults too. Because here are few things which even the adults don’t know but they should know.

Link:  Youtube

10. TVF Bachelors

TVF Bachelors

Those who are viewer of TVF videos, they know well that how good the humor of their videos are. TVF Bachelors is one of the masterpiece from the TVF.

The story is on few bachelor boys who live together in a flat and their problems which they face in their bachelor lives. The extra spice on that is each episode is based on different Bollywood movies. On every episode, they show a new problem like problems with landlord, month end money problem and others and those stories are made similar as different Hindi movie like “Lagaan”, “A Wednesday”, “Chak De India” and more.

You will go ROFL when you will watch these remake versions of those films.

Link: Season 1 | Season 2

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Best Thriller Web Series

11. A.I.SHA: My Virtual Girlfriend

aisha web series

If you are geek guy who loves technology and hacking kind of staffs, then this series will be a heaven for you.

This series is on the relationship of a guy and a virtual girl named AISHA programmed by that guy. The full name of AISHA is Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant.

This series has two seasons where every episode is full intense of suspense.

Link:  Season 1 | Season 2

Here are all the Best Indian Web Series on Youtube. Make sure you watch them all and please comment below and tell us which one you liked most.

If you watched any of these before, then comment below by writing your personal review on those series. We want to listen to your opinions on these. It will also help other readers who will read this post in future.

Please also suggest some more Web Series which you think we missed in this list and that should be a part of the best Indian web series list.

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