Bye Pewdiepie | Ultimate diss track by Carryminati

Indian Youtuber Carryminati uploaded his diss track against Pewdiepie on 1st January 2019. This video was demanded by so many fans of Carryminati from so many days and finally, he made it on the occasion of New Year.

Bye Pewdiepie diss track

From a long time the Youtube community is keeping there eyes on the subscriber counts of T-Series and Pewdiepie. Because T-Series is now the Youtube channel with the second highest subscribers in the world and they will soon going to overtake the top Youtuber Pewdiepie.

Because T-Series is an Indian channel, so Indians are so much excited to see that day when T-series will be the number one channel. But due to this thing so many things happened like many Indians showed their support to T-Series and many Pewdiepie fans showed their support to him.

But one thing that changed this drama is the diss song of Pewdiepie against T-Series called Bitch Lasagna. There with the T-series, he also insulted Indians which most of the Indians didn’t like. They got offended and they started making videos against Pewdiepie.

So as Carryminati is one of the biggest Indian Youtubers, so his fans requested him to reply to the Pewdiepie. So he uploaded this diss song named Bye Pewdiepie.

In this song, he criticized Pewdiepie because once for a report against Pewdiepie published on Wall Street Journal and for that report many advertisers stopped advertising on Youtube and earning of Youtubers decreased so much for that. After that, he also criticized the song Bitch Lasagna.

He did not made this diss track against only Pewdiepie but he also replied the Nazarbattu for making their diss track against him.

If you don’t know about the Nazarbattu diss track, you can read this article on Nazarbattu Youtubers ka remand.

Many people are also questioning Carryminati for this song because he always supported Pewdiepie in this battle, because he say that T-Series is a huge company but Pewdiepie is a single person, so he should get more credit for being at that place.

So, why did he made this song? Because it was a demand from his fans. He also mentioned it in his pinned comment in that video ”
Public demand pe ye raha Mera chotu sa piece 🙂 “.

What do you think about this song and which channel do you support, T-series or Pewdiepie? Let us know in the comment below.

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