Celebrities like Chris Gayle and Elon Musk are becoming fan of Bollywood

Bollywood films are a part of the life of Indians. We Indians love to watch films and Bollywood is the major source of the films which we watch. But besides Bollywood, sometimes we also watch movies from foreign film industries like Hollywood.

But do you know that foreigners also watch our Bollywood movies?

Not only the normal foreigners but also the International celebrities like Chris Gayle and Elon Musk. At least their social media profiles say that.

A few months ago the famous Jamaican Cricketer Chrish Gayle who plays Cricket in the West Indies national team, he tweeted on his Twitter account where he posted an image which has the reviews of the film Kaashi from some big film critics. He also wrote on the caption ” Some really positive reviews on #Kaashi. I hope it live up to everyone’s expectation.”

After watching this post, Indian peoples got shocked and everyone started trolling this post. Many people asked him about the reason behind this post, but Chris Gayle didn’t reply on them. It is not clear that he posted it for paid promotion of the film or he really saw that movie and liked that.

What do you think?

Few days ago the Bollywood fans got another shock when they saw another tweet from the Elon Musk, who is also known as the real life Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Elon Musk is very famous for his futuristic creations. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Tesla Motors and SpaceX and Co-Founder of PayPal. Elon Musk is a highly workaholic man and he dedicates his most of the time of his life to his work.

But that person Tweeted a post where he added a GIF which have a small dancing scene of the Ranveer Singh from the song “Malhari” of the film “Bajirao Mastani”.

He also wrote “Bajirao Mastani” in the caption and shared a link of the song Deewani Mastani“. Maybe he became “Deewana” of the film or of those songs.


This post also came in the eye of the trollers and they started trolling it too, but the things which are funnier than those trolls are the tweets of the companies, who were replying to him by promoting their own contents.

eros now tweet to elon musk
Eros Now to Elon Musk
pvr cinemas tweet to elon musk
PVR Cinemas to Elon Musk

This post made a huge impression not only to the Indians but also to the foreigners. So many people from different countries who follows Elon Musk, visited the link and watched the video. They also loved the song.

elon musk tweet effect
Screenshot of the comments on the Youtube Video

The lead actor and actress Ranveer Singhb and Deepika Padukon who are now not only the on screen couple but also the real life husband wife, they both thanked Elon for appreciating their work.

This post also created so many questions like why Elon did that? Did he liked the film or the songs? Did he even watched or understood any of them?

These questions also remained unanswered till now, but some of the people are saying that as because the Elon Musk is the man of future so he is trying to grab some Indian fan followers for future expansion of his business to India.

What is your opinion on these tweets? What do you think, that Bollywood is getting famous internationally or people are using Bollywood to quickly get some attention of Indians to their business? Please share your thoughts on these, we will wait to hear from you.

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