Emiway vs Raftaar | Samajh mein aaya kya song total drama explained

Emiway vs Raftaar | Samajh mein aaya kya song total drama explained

Emiway vs Raftaar | Samajh mein aaya kya song

Nowadays the battle between celebrities are on a trend and the rappers are a big part of that trend. Recently Emiway Bantai uploaded a song on his Youtube channel. The song is named “Samajh Mein Aaya Kya” and this song is regarding the war between Emiway vs Raftaar. 

Emiway Bantai and Raftaar both are very famous rappers of India. Raftaar is in this industry from a long time and he made so many songs for various Hindi films and recently he also made a rap song for the film Manto. He also made so many music albums. On another side, Emiway Bantai is a rapper who only sings in his own youtube channel. He neither makes any song for any movie nor he does any stage shows. He earns only from youtube and he does from music composing to production and direction everything for his music videos and his recent video “Samajh Mein Aaya kya” is also one of those.

Now the war of Emiway vs Raftaar starts with an interview of Raftaar on the Youtube channel of Raaj Jones where Raftaar was telling his opinions on different rappers and during this conversation, he once told that the Emiway Bantay is not earning any money right now and he is spending a lot of money on making his name and when he will build his own empire, then he will start making stage shows. But for this statement Bantai got offended and he made this Samajh mein aaya kya rap song to reply Raftaar that he is making enough money right now and he is an independent artist, he will never make any shows for being rich. He is satisfied with his own empire which he made until now and here no one can control him.

In the song, he also mentioned two more rappers, Divine and MC Stan. They are old rivals of Emiway and in the past, he also made few songs for them. In this song, he mentioned their name and directly told them that they should not mess with him. The Divine who is also a famous rapper told something same as Raftaar that Bantai doesn’t earn any money. Divine also made so many songs for Bollywood films and recently he also made a hit theme song for the Sacred Games web series named “Kaam 25”. The MC Stan also once made a song against Emiway named “reply to emiway and divine” where he abused Emiway a lot.

Now the question is why everyone is fighting against each other? In the interview of Raftaar, he didn’t say anything to abuse Bantai. He was telling about something else and he said those words just as an example. He was actually trying to say that in India rappers are not earning a stable amount of money right now and they should invest more in them like Emiway to make a better future. But, Don’t know why Bantai got offended on that, maybe it’s because of some other channels who made videos by cutting a short scene from the interview and by watching that short clip he thought that Raftaar is trying to tell that he is poor and he cannot earn anything.

You can also watch that video. Here you can watch the video from the portion where he told those things. But, if you watch the video from starting and listen to the whole matter, you will get that there is nothing to be offended in the video.

Again when Bantai uploaded a photo on his Instagram account related to this song, the Raftaar commented on that photo and said something like this, “Either you didn’t understand what I said or you understood but just trying to take a hipe. Either way, until now I was supporting you but it’s my time. Don’t delete this comment”.  You can check that post from here.

Day by day celebrities are fighting like this with each other just because of some small misunderstandings and these wars are getting bigger day by day. Their fans are being divided into groups and they are also fighting with each other. But why this much hating is being spread? Why everyone is doing these things? Is this just a new way of collaboration marketing where two people promoting each other and also being in the trend or are it just because people are being so desperate for being so big that they’re starting to defame their rivals instead of competing with them or is it just because of wrong way of presentation from the media??

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