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Youtuber got killed during making prank video

An youtuber from Pakistan got killed by an unknown man when he was shooting a prank video for his Youtube channel.

He got a Youtube channel named Lahori Vines which was ran by three friends ABDUL SABOOR , HASNAT ALI and RANA ZUHAIR. The channel got 2.4k subscribers and on that channel they were uploading prank videos.

The accident happened when these three friends were shooting a prank video on the road at the night time. They were doing a ghost prank but when they tried to prank with a family a man from that family fired the Zuhair with his gun. He died on the spot.

Police are investigating the case now and currently they arrested the other two friends Hasnat and Abdul for interrogation.

In the present world youngsters are running behind the Youtube for making fame and money. So they starts copying all the famous international Youtubers.

This type of prank channels are so much famous in the Youtube and people love to watch this type of videos, that’s why these videos get so many views. But the actual reality behind most of the successful prank channels are they make their videos prescripted.

The people with whom they do pranks all are completely aware of the prank and they act according to the script. But some youngsters try to copy them and when they face real people, public become angry and those Youtubers become victims of that anger.

So please next time think again before doing such pranks to unknown people. These things could be very dangerous.

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