Nazarbattu Youtubers Ka Remand | Abhi Payla Diss Track explained

Nazarbattu Production recently released a diss track on famous Indian Youtubers. This song is named Youtubers Ka Remand || Abhi Payla || Diss Track II Nazarbattu.

Nazarbattu is a very famous Youtube channel with over 1.9 million subscribers and soon it will cross the milestone of 2 Million subscribers. They mainly make comedy contents and this channel works with a big team.

What happened?

So, when India is now enjoying the new revolution in the music industry called “DISS SONG” and Youtubers are making various diss songs against each other. Nazarbattu also continued this trend with there new song Youtubers Ka Remand | Abhi Payla Diss Track.

The diss songs which were made by the other YouTubers were normally made against one or two other people with whom that song maker have any type of personal clash. But in this Nazarbattu’s song, they abused so many famous Indian Youtubers in that one song and the strange thing is that there wasn’t any clash between those Youtubers with the Nazarbattu team but they made some videos before with some of these YouTubers like Carryminati and Harsh Beniwal.

Those famous YouTubers who were abused in the song were Amit Bhadana, Bhuvan Bam, Carryminati, Ashish chanchalani, Harsh Beniwal and few more. They didn’t mention any name except Ashish’s friend Jaadoo and once showed the channel logo of Harsh Beniwal when abusing him.

harsh beniwal logo
Harsh Beniwal
amit bhadana funny
Amit Bhadana
Bhuvan Bam funny
Bhuvan Bam

At the end of the song they also abused those two people who started this diss trend in India, Emiway Bantai and Raftaar.

They also told that those people who are not in this list that means they are not famous enough to get their place in the list.

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Youtuber’s reaction

At 1st Harsh Beniwal commented on their video and wrote “Ruk sale neelam chaurasia abhi bande leke aata hu”

Then Carryminati gave his reaction when he was playing games on his 2nd Youtube Channel and he said that he will answer them but in a perfect time.

Recently Carryminati also made a diss track on Pewdiepie where he gave the reply to this diss song and showed his reaction on the Nazarbattu diss song.

Now the question arise why they made this type of song and what will be the reaction of other YouTubers? Was it a friendly joke only or it was made to really attack those people?

What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comment section what’s your opinion on this.


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