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Plus Minus a return gift from Bhuvan Bam

Plus Minus a return gift from Bhuvan Bam on completing 10 Million milestone

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On the 14th September 2018, the youtube star Bhuvan Bam achieved a new milestone by completing 10 million subscribers on his youtube channel “BB KI VINES“. With this milestone, it also made a record of Indias 1st individual youtube channel crossing 10 million subscribers. After getting this good news, he released his 1st short film called “PLUS MINUS“, directed by Jyoti Kapur Das who directed the famous short film called “CHUTNEY“. The film crossed 5 million views within 24 hours.
A few days back Bhuvan Bam came into a live video on his channel and he announced his new project where he is making a short film with his co-star Divya Dutta and the director of the film is Jyoti Kapur Das. He promised his audience that they will get a totally new experience with this film and he claimed that this film will have something which most of the people don’t know.
After his announcement, everyone was waiting for this film and debating with each other on the date of release. Some people were saying that it will release before his 10 million subscribers completion, and some were saying it will release after that. The main cause of this debate was that the Bhuvan was not the only person on the race of 10 million, there was also another youtube star Amit Bhadana who also completed 10 million subscribers on the same day and became the 2nd youtuber to achieve this milestone as individual in India and 1st youtuber to do this under 18 months. So, there was a very close battle was going on and everyone was expecting Bhuvan to release his film before the result of the war and getting an extra advantage by getting into the trending list.
bhuvan bam short film
Talking about the film, it is really as beautiful as Bhuvan told before. The film plotted BB as a soldier who is traveling in a train with the Divya Dutta who is playing a role of a typical Indian housewife. These two people sharing their stories with each other and with a few minutes of their conversation the life of Divya takes a new way and after a few incidents, her life totally gets changed. In this 18 minutes story, the film not only gives us a beautiful feeling but also tells us a real-life story which most of the people don’t have any idea that really this type of things exist in our country.
I will suggest everyone not to miss this beautiful short film. Please watch the film and share your reaction on this film by commenting below on this post.

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