Virat Kohli is making his debut in film industry | Trailer the movie

Virat Kohli is making his debut in film industry | Trailer the movie

virat kohli trailer the film

For a long time, Virat Kohli is being the king of the heart of every Indian. It doesn’t matter that someone is a cricket fan or not, but he/she will be definitely a Virat fan. Cricket, looks, personality, he is perfect in everything and now he is going to show his another talent which is acting.

Yes, you heard it right, he is going to debut in the film industry with his new short film. The name of this film is so awkward. Its name is “TRAILER THE MOVIE“. Till now we heard about the trailer for a movie, but this time the movie is the trailer itself. It’s so confusing, but as it is the film of the legend, so it deserves to be a little different.

Today Kohli posted the poster of his film on the twitter and wrote a caption

Another debut after 10 years, can’t wait!

As he made his debut in his cricket career in 2008 with his first ODI match vs Sri Lanka and after 10 years he is making another debut in another industry.

There are a few rumours about this movie because in the poster the Virat is wearing a fashionable T-shirt with blue jeans. Also, there is another fact that the film is being produced by the Wrogn production and the Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of Wrogn fashion brand. So, some people are telling that it could be just a promotional campaign for the fashion brand and the Virat is just working on this movie for the campaign only and not planning anything about the Bollywood films. So, is this movie just for promoting or he really wants to enter into the Bollywood?
Can we see the Viruska working in the same film together in the future?
The time will answer everything and now the only thing we can do is to wait to see what happens next.

The trailer of the movie didn’t release but the “Trailer the movie” will release on 28th September 2018. They have also launched their website called
So, let’s wait for the day and see what surprise he will give to us…

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