12 Interesting facts about Zero movie that you dont know

12 Interesting facts about Zero movie that you dont know

There are some interesting facts about Zero movie which you never heard or saw in the trailer or anywhere else. But some these facts will definitely shock you.

On the 53rd birthday of SRK, he released the trailer of his upcoming movie Zero. After the release of the trailer, it’s got viral on the internet and people started sharing it everywhere. As the trailer was a huge success, so people are excited to watch the actual movie. But before watching the film you should know some interesting facts about the Zero movie. These are all behind the scene stories and some other Zero movie facts which will make this film more exciting to watch.

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Interesting facts about zero movie

Interesting facts about Zero movie

1.  The trailer broke many records

Breaking and making records is now became a habit of SRK films. Before it, the trailer of Raees made Youtube down for a few minutes and this time the Trailer video of the film broke so many records within 24hrs of its release.

It got 54 million views across platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others.

It also got the fastest 1 Million likes on Youtube.

The #ZeroTrailer hashtag also went trending within few hours

2.  100 Million views on trailer

The trailer also made one more record of highest viewing Indian film trailer. It got over 100 Million views across the platforms on the trailer

3. Name of the film was “Katrina Meri Jaan”

The name Zero was not the first name of this film. The film was named “Katrina Meri Jaan” at the beginning. But that title didn’t fit well with the plot of the whole movie, so the name changed.

So, many names were decided as the title like Bauna, Rangbaaz, Bandhua and so many. These names were selected as per the character of Shahrukh in the film.

Finally, the director Aanand L. Rai selected the name Zero, because he wanted to show the incompleteness of Bauaa, the character played by Shahrukh. Because Zero is the only number which alone has no value, but it can change the values of others. That’s why there is a dialogue of Bauaa in the film-

Hum jiske peeche lag jaate hain, Life bana dete hain!

4. Salman Khan was the first choice as Bauaa

As the name, the casts of the film also wasn’t selected at the first attempt. For the role of Bauaa Singh was first offered to Salman Khan. But he didn’t take this role due to some issue. But he will appear in the film in a song with the Shahrukh Khan.

salman khan in zero

The role of Anushka was also first offered to Deepika Padukon, but she had date issue, so she rejected the role. 

For the third lead role, Salman Khan suggested the name of Katrina and then she was selected for the role.

5. Sridevi will be seen in the film

Sridevi has a cameo role in the film. Shahrukh offered her to do this role. This is the last film done by Sridevi.

Except Sridevi, there are few more stars who will be seen in cameo roles in the film like Salman Khan, Deepika Padukon, Karishma Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Jimmy Shergill, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Alia Bhatt etc.

6. There is a song for giving tribute to Kamal Haasan

The song which is in the Title Announcement video of the film, “Humko Tumpe Pyar Aaya” was made to give tribute to Kamal Haasan, because he was the first Indian actor to do the role of a dwarf(Vertically challenged person) in the film “Apoo Raja”. The song was performed by Kamal Haasan in the film “Jab Jab Phool Khile”.

Shahrukh is the fourth Indian actor to do the role of a little person after Kamal Haasan(Apoo Raja), Jonny Lever(Aasique) and Anupam Kher(Jaan-E-Mann)

zero vs appu raja

7. High quality VFX was used to make Shahrukh dwarf

The actors who did the roles of the dwarf before SRK, they all did that by walking on their knees. But that thing was very challenging and doing those things in the present high tech world is a foolish decision. So, SRK spent so much money for the VFX(Visual Effects). He hired some international VFX experts for doing this. 

The actual height of Shahrukh Khan is 5’7″, but in the film, he was shown in a 3 feet height. This type of VFX was used before in some Hollywood films like “Lord of the Ring”, “Hobbit” etc. But this is the first Indian film to use this kind of VFX work.

srk in zero

8. Zero film Climax shooting was done in NASA

The news of Sushant Singh Rajput training in NASA for his film “Chanada Mama Door ke” went viral on social media. But do you know that he is not the first Bollywood actor to shoot on NASA. The climax scenes of the film Zero was shoot on the set of NASA.

There is a scene at the end of the trailer, where a rocket was seen. The shooting of that scene was done in NASA.

9. Shahrukh is older than his father

Sharukh khan is 2 years older than his father. No, not his real father, but the father in the film.

The Tigmanshu Dhulia who did the role of the father of Bauaa in the Zero film, is two years younger than Shahrukh. He is now 51 years old, but the age of Shahrukh is 53 years.

Tigmanshu Dhulia as father of srk

10. The story of the Zero movie also changed

The most interesting fact about Zero movie is its changing of everything. When casts, name, everything is getting changed, then how could the story being the same?

The story of this film was also changed few times within two years. The idea of doing this film first came in mind of Aanand L. Rai in 2012 and then he offered Salman to do this film with him. But as the time went evrything changed one by one and keeping the same script and story became difficult. So, there are several changes made in the scripts and story of the movie Zero.

zero movie poster

11. “Aquaman” release date changed to avoid clash with “Zero”

Not only the Bollywood producers, but the Hollywood producers also know about the power of King Khan. 

“Aquaman” is an upcoming Hollywood movie by the DC Extended Universe. The global release date of the film “Aquaman” film was first decided on 21st December. But, because of release of movie Zero on the same date the Indian release date changed to 14th December. It means the film will release in India one week before the release in United States. 

aquaman vs zero

Not only that, another Bollywood film, “The Accidental Prime Minister” stared by Anupam Kher was also advanced its release date from 21st December to 7th December.

12. It has many similarities with the ZEE5 web series “Rangbaaz”

After ruling on the television, the ZEE network is now trying to grab the online viewers. So they are releasing their ZEE original movies and web series on their online platform ZEE5

Recently they released the trailer of their new web series Rangbaaz and that trailer made its mark to everyone’s heart. But do you know that this web series have many similarities with the Zero movie.

  • As told before, many titles were decided for the Zero film before its present name and one of those names were the “Rangbaaz”.
  • The Katrina Kaif in Zero and Aahana Kumra in Rangbaaz both have the same name of their characters which is “Babita”
  • As you know that Tigmanshu Dhulia is acting in bauaa’s father role in zero movie and he is also playing the role of a politician in the Rangbaaz
  • Both Zero and Rangbaaz are releasing on the same week. Where release date of zero movie is on 21st December, there the Rangbaaz release date is on 22nd December on ZEE5.

We hope you liked these interesting facts about Zero movie. Is there  anything we missed here? please let us know in the comments and also share your feedback on these facts.

Again we want to remind you that Zero movie release date is 21st December, 2018. So, there is few days remaining for its release. Comment below and tell us about your expectations on this movie.

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